What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching seeks to serve humanities’ understanding of themselves, learning and developing with the assistance of a qualified Life Coach. Life Coaching makes available the power for YOU to transform and reinvent your life. It’s about getting the very best results for you and enabling you to make decisions that will empower and improve your life. Coaching is effective and can assist in virtually every aspect of your life, from individual personal development & fulfilment, or life changing relationship, life skills and balance to spiritual soul searching, career direction, business management and leadership.

Life Coaching is for people who are looking for increased self-awareness, greater fulfilment, a more balanced life, better goal attainment and a higher performance level. It’s for people that are open to brand new possibilities but need assistance to achieve them. It’s not about creating the hype and enthusiasm for another “to do list”. It’s all about the power and focus of who you are, where you are and where you want to be. It’s about overcoming the obstacles, getting unstuck, all in a safe and trusted environment.

What’s in it for you?

The Coaching possesses endless possibilities…the powerful capability to;

  • Live your best life
  • Daringly dream
  • Develop & inspire
  • Become successful
  • More quality time, direction & focus
  • Making powerful decisions
  • A balanced life
  • To apply the tools, skills and techniques
  • Finding clarity around your life, goals, desires, needs and wants
  • Creating the confidence and self-belief
  • Removing any limiting beliefs and behaviour’s that do not serve you
  • Understanding why it feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Quality relationships
  • A Life driven by power and passion
  • Positive thinking, positive change
  • Powerful Self Talk

Why consult a Life Coach?
Why can’t I change on my own?

For many of us, making changes in our lives (personal or career) is difficult and the fear of failure overcomes us. We surrender ourselves to the idea that change is difficult and sometimes impossible, thus causing us to repeat an endless cycle of frustration. Knowing what to do is often not good enough to accomplish our goals, as we are at times our own worst enemy.

Excuses such as, lack of time, money, I don’t know how or “the famous… I’ll start on Monday” are the reasons that keep us from change, the biggest thereof is FEAR. Fear causes our sight to become clouded and our visions and goals get lost or even forgotten. Life seems intimidating and the assistance of a Life Coach is needed to help bring order and regain the “miss placed” power you had over your life.

Your Coach becomes your “GREATEST FAN”. We offer support, encouragement, inspiration and motivation as you reach each goal and make lasting life changing alterations! Our focus is totally on you, passionately listening, understanding and believing in your dreams and your ambitions.
Life Coaching is so much more than a service; it’s the choice between a life of fear and fearlessness.

What is required for coaching to be a success?

Regular attendance

Great enthusiasm and commitment towards the coaching process

A Willingness to make the necessary changes

“It’s your Fearless decision that determines your destiny”

“Dreams will only stay dreams until we have that burning desire to fearlessly take action”