A Fearless Life After Addiction

Welcome to “The Fearless Life after Addiction” section of our coaching programme.
Fearless Life after Addiction Coaching & Counselling, supports and coaches individuals coming home from treatment, building community support for beyond recovery, adjusting to life & maintaining life after the addiction. Fearlessly taking the steps to leading a life filled with purpose, power and passion. Taking back your power and owning it!

Wake up to a life that you just can’t wait to live, a life filled with meaning, living your BEST life, producing extraordinary results, being ecstatic and proud to be you! Living a life of great rewards!

Fearless Life Coaching, assists clients in gaining greater fulfilment, a more balanced life, focused on goal attainment and higher performance levels. Creating a clearer understanding of oneself, clients learn and develop the necessary skills, equipping them with the tools to fearlessly transform their lives.

We focus on setting goals and actions plans on how to achieve these goals. We take a look at your belief system, your values and emotions. What beliefs serve you and what beliefs need to change, your strengths and weaknesses as well as the person you have become and how to boldly stand your ground. Your high risk trigger, recovery needs and relapse prevention plans are great contributors to maintaining your recovery. The coach serves as an accountability partner to help the person sustain their recovery.

My Fearless declaration:

“My past will NEVER define me. It will NEVER dictate my future. It is not how I started, but how I choose to finish. I will pitch up and own my life, I will own my story”

You have now become part of a circle of men and women who boldly stand and continue to conquer the face of addiction. 
Allow us to form part of your fearless journey. Assisting you in every way, as you find your purpose, your power and your passion! Fearlessly facing your recovery.

My Prayer for you;

“Lord Jesus, my Saviour. As we have started this healing journey, Lord, I want thank you for paying the ransom for our souls.

Lord, we trust You, we trust you with our lives and we trust You for complete healing & restoration for our bodies, our minds and souls.

Lord we surrender all our thoughts and plans unto you. Lord may Your will be done in our lives. Holy Spirit lead and guide us and Thank You Lord for what You have done and for what You are about to do.”

“It’s your Fearless decision that determines your destiny”

“Dreams will only stay dreams until we have that burning desire to fearlessly take action”

Fearless Life Coaching does not provide any clinical services. Coaches are unlike licensed addiction counsellors in that coaches are non-clinical and do not diagnose or treat addiction or any mental health issues. Coaches may assist the individual to access clinical services.