Our Services

The coaching process is a journey of great revelation, development, fulfilment, tremendous growth and transformation. Change can only take place once it is desired.  The coaching process consists of either “one on one” coaching sessions or “Group workshop” programs.

Personal One on One Coaching

Fearlessly redesigning life, dream those daring dreams, and make them your reality. Your personal “One on One” coaching sessions are spread out over a number of sessions. These sessions aim to find what you dare dream about, setting the goals you need to achieve those dreams. Together we find the action steps needed to turn these dreams into reality.

We continue to uncover your beliefs, values and rules (the things that make you, you) and discover if they serve you well. Each session is an opportunity to grow. The experience might be challenging, but taking responsibility is what causes this fearless growth.

Coaching not only assists with goal setting, it is contagious! It inspires great passion to live your ultimate life, fearlessly loving everything about you and your life, only to find out that you are actually well worth it

Scheduled Coaching Sessions

Sessions are available once or twice a week or as per your request. Fees charged per session, Standard sessions, and 60 mins. Each session includes take away notes and exercises to reinforce learning and skills. Free support between sessions.

Regular weekly sessions assist in keeping great focus, enthusiasm and motivation towards achieving your goals. In order to maximize coaching results, full completion of the program comes highly recommended.

Most clients choose to continue in a long term coaching relationship, simply because of the benefits coaching has and the impact it has had on their lives.

Workshop, Seminars and Training

Fearless Life Workshops are powerfully fuelled with life changing inspiration and passion. We get focused; seek clear vision, new direction and a life filled with purpose. 

Workshops are held once a month. Each workshop hosted has a great variety of very exciting life changing topics. These workshops equip men and women with the tools needed to live a fearless life. 

During Workshops We will…

Take a look at Your Life Wheel

“How Big do I dare to dream”

Create Powerful Goals

Create manageable and inspiring Action Steps towards achieving these goals

Learn how to overcome your fears

Create your Vision Board

A Vision Board is a process that gets the “Creative Juices” flowing.  You get to relax, cut & paste, have fun, all in the company of other fearless searching woman. Get in touch with those daring dreams only you get to dream. Equipping you with basic power tools to use on a daily basis, turning those dreams into a life changing reality! 

Bring balance

Inspire your team or company with Fearless Life Coaching through workshops, seminars and training. Detailed packages and fees are available on request.  Each package is tailor made to fully assist you and your team.

“It’s your Fearless decision that determines your destiny”

“Dreams will only stay dreams until we have that burning desire to fearlessly take action”