About Us 

Fearless Life Coaching, coaches Men and Women who desire to lead a fearless life. A life filled with boldness, a life of honour.  Coaching is for those who truly desire change, development, fulfillment, vision and balance. Men and Women who want to overcome the “fear labels” in their lives and in their businesses. Equipping and presenting the tools, the power and the passion, to fearlessly transform their lives. Men and Women who dare to dream! It’s my desire to powerfully motivate and inspire the dreams and visions you have left behind, ultimately living your best life. 

Evette Kruger – Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Fearless Life Coaching, Coaching Men and Women with Honour “derived from the desire within me to become a “fearless woman”. Fear had been so prominent in my life, disguising itself behind so many labels.  This paralyzing fear was the result of a dysfunctional relationship, a relationship that I allowed and permitted to take over my life. This fear daily whispered      I’m not good enough, not worth the time to spend, nor worthy of acceptance. Fear made me afraid to meet new people, afraid to fall in love. Fear had the ability to make me wear the garment of inferiority and loneliness, the outcome…being withdrawn, unhappy and feeling rejected. I opened my hand to fear and for a very long time fear would rule and reign over me. Fear blinded me and kept me away from my destiny and purpose. Growing up in a very loving and stable home with all the protection and support I needed, my heart still struggled to heal from the damage caused. 

“Women with Honour” presented itself with great courage the moment I realized I was worth so much more, realizing I had so much more to give. My spirit needed as much healing as any other emotion in my soul. Spiritual fulfillment enhances your life in unimaginable ways, and so God started the “Women with Honour” journey in me. Making known to me when and how fear likes to show up and how being a Women of Honour would change the way I see myself and my situation, showing me how God sees me. 

“Men with Honour”, as my journey progressed I realized that some men left their Honour behind, their Honour either taken from them or lost to begin with. They have no understanding of Honour or what it means. Men that should be taking their position as “head of the home”, standing with their heads held high, strong and in control. Honour is of noble character and this same Honour is the Honour that men and women need to equip themselves with. Having Honour is what makes a man and woman attractive and not just the mere sight of them. It’s time to restore the Honour within our beings, men and women taking their rightful place. We can now not only desire to daringly dream but our dreams have become our reality, fearlessly living our best lives with power, passion and Honour. Making Honour apart of who we are.

 I studied at RBTC, Rhema Bible Training Centre and completed a three year, in depth Theory and Counseling Higher Diploma. Graduating and trying to find my feet, I decided to travel for a year. I left for the United States working as a summer camp counselor.  Arriving back to South Africa with little work experience I joined an events company hosting corporate events. Tremendous growth and opportunity filled my life, but I never felt a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.  A few years later I decided to buy into a Restaurant franchise chain where as owner I operated my store. Having the restaurant for 5 years and serving customers made me realize that I never lost my passion for people. It was then when it all made sense. The wellbeing of people will always be my desire.  It was during this time I started my studies with New Insights on becoming a certified Life Coach. That was the desire of fulfillment and accomplishment my soul was seeking. The thirst has been quenched, the restaurant was sold and my true life’s passion could begin...  

As a certified Personal Life Coach, I inspire, motivate and empower men and women to live a Fearless but passionate life. My desire is for people to be set free of every fear holding them back, every limiting belief to be replaced with a belief that serves them well. I desire for men and women to find that “special something” that “something” that sets them apart, finding their Honour and living a very well balanced life. Fear still whispers in my ear... but it’s a Fearless power when a man and woman truly know who they are.